PublicSonar was born out of the need to accurately filter social media. When our team started doing retrospective analysis in 2011 we noticed data could be overwhelming when observing real-live phenomena, like crises or large events. There was a lack of tooling to address these ‘big data’ challenges.

We decided to solve the problem ourselves and founded our company in 2012 (previously known as Twitcident/CrowdSense). Today, we are proud to serve the public sector with our solutions. Our clients are in public services, public utilities, public safety, and our sales team operates on a world-wide scale.

PublicSonar is a spin-out of two Dutch research institutes, and we still work closely with our partners TNO and TU Delft.

We bootstrapped our company, from two founders, Hans Burghard and Richard Stronkman, to over 25 people. We are passionate about enhancing safety and resilience with valuable real time insights, join us in this amazing journey!

Meet the team

Laura Schokker
UI/UX Designer

Sjors van den Dries

Alex Leite
Engineering Manager

Ilshat Galin
Software Engineer

Michał Wityk
Software Engineer

Suzanne Brand
Digital Marketer

Max Stirler
Team Member Marketing and Communication

Victor Margallo
Data Scientist

Erik Winter
Software Engineer

Johann Norsa

Jesse Manning
Team Member Business and Customer Success

Stanimira Ruseva
Team Member Business and Customer Success

Richard Stronkman
Board member

Jacques Zimmerman
VP of Sales

Maciej Ścigała
QA Engineer

Linda Kroesbergen

Hans Burghard
Board member

Pouria Norouzi
Product Owner

Agata Gołębiowska
Software Engineer

Jian-Hua He
Software Engineer

Karolina Szlenk
Software Engineer

Jirka Mauritz
Data Scientist