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Helping the Austrian government evaluate social media for disasters

Research team investigates how to use social media to improve disaster and emergency response.

When the Austrian Federal Ministry of Interior wanted to evaluate the use of social media to improve disaster management and emergency response, it turned to AI experts PublicSonar. The result of our collaborative research project was iLiKe – an innovative, intelligent situation information portal to support emergency organizations for disaster management. Learn more about harnessing social media for disaster management.

Safe elections during Covid-19

Dutch elections covid-19

Insights from open data and sentiment analysis contributed to ensuring safe elections in the Netherlands during Covid-19. Below you can read more about the value of publicly available data.

Tracking Storm Darcy on social media

tracking social media storm Darcy

How to identify insights tracking over 120.000 social media messages about Storm Darcy? How to cut through the noise? Read it on our blog below.

Women in Tech

Women in Tech blog Deepika Lalwani

We invited our engineering manager, Deepika Lalwani. She shares her experiences and speaks about women in tech. Check out the full interview below.

New logo, new era

New PublicSonar logo

We have stepped up our corporate branding and the PublicSonar logo is the most prominent proof of that! Below you can check out the beginning of a new era.

How to detect an earthquake in 16 seconds?

Earthquakes occur regularly in the province of Groningen in the Netherlands, causing both physical damage and social unrest. Various stakeholders therefore have a great need for quick and complete information from the very first moment of an earthquake. Read below how the efforts of PublicSonar contribute to local decision making.

Resilience: Crisis Management in the Social Media Age

Resilience article blog post

PublicSonar was recognised by the Emergency Planning Society for “providing the best information at the point of decision-making”. Below you can read more about what it means to manage a crisis in a digital age.