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Monitoring online media is difficult and time-consuming. PublicSonar uses AI to quickly and easily assists you with real-time insights from the Internet’s endless messages.
Early warnings and establishing a comprehensive real-time picture can make all the difference to how an incident unfolds. At such times, social media and other online messages cannot be left out. But how can you make sense of so much data? Artificial Intelligence (AI) can save time and give better context for time-critical decisions – that is why we developed PublicSonar. After working with users in the field, we put the latest technologies into a user-friendly interface to create an industry-leading solution.

What makes PublicSonar different?

Custom searches

Be in control of your searches at all times, supported by our time-saving wizard.

Real-time alerts

Receive personalised alerts via SMS or e-mail to be immediately aware of an escalating situation.

360° view

Be assisted by Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing to recognise signals and analyse situations.

Rich data sources

Collect real-time data from a wide range of social media channels and other (semi-)open sources.

Efficient collaboration

Collaborate easily with colleagues and share insights with stakeholders via dashboards and reports.

Working compliant

Comply with laws and regulations with ease by using guidance, controls and feedback – all built into our solution.

Discover our latest features

The risk and safety domain is continuously developing and we innovate along with it. That is why we are in constant dialogue with our users. PublicSonar is always designing new functionalities to provide even better insights, reduce response time, and save work.

Goal-orientated wizard

Create a rich case within minutes

With so many online sources at your disposal, where do you start looking? How do you not waste valuable time? And how do you avoid data overload? These are questions that many users struggle with.

For different situations PublicSonar will help you step-by-step with:
  • Rich “building blocks” with terms, AI-powered word and location suggestions, like street names or Points of Interest;
  • Built-in settings and signals to make compliance easy.
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Create Accurate Search Cases in Minutes
Key Insights

Get the context of an incident instantly

For emergencies, PublicSonar has introduced “Key Insights”. Using the AI technology “Named-entity recognition (NER)”, algorithms are trained to detect specific situational information in texts. During a physical attack, for example, insights are proactively displayed about the location, the characteristics of the perpetrator, any victims, and so on. This input refreshes continually and is also available for topics such as cyber attacks and natural disasters.

Comprehensive understanding of sentiment

How do citizens react to high-risk situations? Are they anxious or confused? With the help of Deep Learning, trained specifically by PublicSonar for the public safety and security domain, you can instantly understand the public’s sentiment in a crisis.   You can sharpen your organisation’s approach and strategy by knowing not only what happens, but also how it is being perceived. PublicSonar’s Deep Learning allows you to use targeted communication and the correct resource deployment to better connect with the public. Want to know more? Read our blog on sentiment analysis.
Real-time Sentiment Analysis

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