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In need of an open source intelligence solution for public safety & security?

Citizens, public authorities and (news) reporters are constantly sharing data on social media and open sources. Valuable input for early detection and situational awareness of (potential) threats.

But how do you harness open source intelligence (OSINT) to obtain the right information from the billions of online messages that are posted every day? Only an AI-driven solution can do this in real time and without noise.

Online-Monitoring von Risiken und Gefahrenlagen

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How to gain real time insights from the public?

Citizens, influencers, authorities and (news) reporters are constantly sharing remarkable events online. To assess threats and risks, these real-time sources are invaluable to public authorities and municipalities. But with infinite amounts of available data, how do you extract the most important information? Supported by artificial intelligence, it is possible to cut through the noise and turn data into actionable insights. To gain real time insights during community tensions and disruptions.

Easy to adjust to your needs

Over the years, our solution has been developed in cooperation with various public authorities in Europe. 

Designed for hands-on use by all sorts of users and types of use cases. Whether it is unrest, car explosions, extreme weather or terrorism. Easily adaptable to situation-specific developments and collaborative in nature.

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Informed decisions with AI-driven insights

As a public authority, detecting the first signs of disturbances in public order and safety gives you direct insight into what is taking place. In this way, you can act with knowledge and prevent escalation.

Public sources as an information goldmine

Every day, citizens and various media post billions of new messages and videos on Twitter, Facebook, blogs, YouTube and websites. PublicSonar allows you to keep your eyes and ears open – 24/7/365 – and gain real time insights in sentiments and local conditions.

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medewerkers in controlekamer

Technological innovation is vital

Only by using intelligent technology can you convert large amounts of data into early and actionable insights. In order to feed your operational decisions and follow the latest developments in a targeted way, PublicSonar makes using this technology accessible. Our AI solution is designed to support open-source intelligence (OSINT), facilitate collaboration and meet compliance requirements.

How to use our AI solution?

Gain insights from massive amounts of data for your field of work and unique information needs.

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Focus on safety within a certain geographical area, such as region, city, square or high-risk object. In this way, you can detect specific circumstances that pose an immediate danger to society. A comprehensive picture of the situation contributes to an effective response.

grote mensenmassa tijdens evenement

Crowd events

Rapidly recognize dangerous situations such as panic, suffocation and threatening weather at mass gatherings. In this way you, can accurately mobilize resources at, for example, a sporting event, festival, parade or New Year's Eve.

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Instantly create a situational picture in case of ongoing incidents or crises, such as a fire, natural disaster or car accident. Are there any victims? What is the sentiment? Are there specific risks? What is the magnitude? And how is the situation evolving?

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Specific themes, such as pandemics, cyber attacks, environmental risks or climate-related events require continuous vigilance. By making connections among various observations, locations and sources, you can - at an early stage - recognize the first manifestations of a disruption. With a more complete picture of nature and scope, you can act in a targeted manner.

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