Social media monitoring

For Cities

Empower your city with insights from social media. Follow widely discussed topics of citizens.

Detect events

Create your own automated alerting system based on our sophisticated algorithms. Whether you want to detect earthquakes or city events, you will be the first to know.

Follow topics

Get the latest news and pulse on important topics in your community or region. Start filtering data streams to understand how the public responds to emerging events.

Manage crises

Manage overwhelming data streams in times of crises. Our algorithms are designed to filter meaningful information for you to gain relevant insights.

Discover emerging public issues

Community discussions happen on a daily basis. Public opinion is a good indicator of general confidence in city policies. Understanding public opinion will help you address public matters effectively and take measures timely. PublicSonar processes millions of online posts on a daily basis to accumulate public insights.

Create your own real-time dashboard

With your online dashboard you will stay track of all emerging topics related to your community, province, administration or other field of interest. A combination of advanced visualizations, analytics and algorithms will reveal valuable insights. You will receive alerts when thresholds are exceeded. You can visualize data by photos, videos, on a map, or by statistics. Our semantic technology will help you filter out the meaningless chatter.

What concerns your community?

Social media are popular in urban areas. Citizens like to share what they see, hear, think and experience. That makes social media a valuable source for cities and provincies. But you cannot manually process tens of thousands of messages per day. You will need to discover the few insights that will improve the liveability of your city. Now imagine how your citizens talk about your region… They are not going to address all their concerns directly to your corporate communication team. Most citizens wouldn’t bother.