Smart algorithms

Quickly identify what is relevant

When monitoring social media to gain insights you will face a number of challenges. When observing real-world phenomena there is a good chance you miss out on important information. Your search queries might be incomplete, or you are simply overwhelmed by the amount of data. Either way, smart algorithms are designed to simplify your daily filtering task.

Knowledge repository

Reuse the expertise of your peers

Imagine you can monitor any phenomenon without having to create complex queries. We have designed ‘building blocks’ to easily monitor any incident or event and quickly gain relevant results, without the risk of overlooking important data. Imagine you can tap into the knowledge of your peers, because they are proud to share their own tried and tested filters. This will save you time and energy, and simplifies your daily monitoring task.


Share important data across team

Social media monitoring is often teamwork. You might be running in shifts or have people in separate locations. Either way, when you find relevant information you may want to share it across teams. And when your shift stops, you want your colleague to quickly continue where you left. PublicSonar makes it easy to see who is online working on what and facilitates workflow management, so you are always in sync.

Beautiful reports

Automate reporting and share live reports

There will be times when you want to share insights across teams. Reporting is an easy way to share your accumulated insights. You can create live reports with guest-access or create PDF documents and share them by e-mail. You can even automate reporting at a custom time interval.

Automated alerts

Receive SMS, e-mail or phone calls

You might not be at your desk at all times. And events may emerge quickly and unexpectedly. Real-time alerting gives you a safety net. You set thresholds, you choose your alerting channels. And PublicSonar notifies you via SMS, e-mail or automated synthesized calls. Real-time alerts decrease your response time and increase proactivity.