Real time insights

Monitor public transit operations

Empower your dispatching center with insights from social media. Improve your transit service.

Airports and airlines

Risks and crisis may affect your operation and business continuity. Start using social media as a sensor to discover issues quickly.

Train and metro

Discover what the impact of a technical failure in public transit is, how many travelers are affected, and how to quickly resolve it.

Bus services

Be alerted on safety issues, transport problems and traffic accidents to improve your bus line services across the country.

Discover and track transit issues

Are travelers experiencing transit problems? How do you incorporate social media insights in your operation center? Social media are extensively used in public transit. Travelers complain. About incidents, failures, and poor facilities. You might consider social media as untrusted or ill-structured: not well-suited for operational information. The opposite is true. Social media is fast. It gives you additional eyes and ears on the ground. But… semantic filtering and clustering is needed, to discover actionable information.

Create your incident dashboard

In your real-time incident dashboard you will quickly see where transit issues emerge. Using data clustering techniques and notification thresholds, you will create accurate automated alerts. Social media do not replace physical sensors. It is an additional source, a human sensor in your operation center.