Real time insights

Monitor public utility operations

Empower your operations with insights from social media. Detect issues in your vital infrastructures.

Water management

Discover water supply and management issues in real-time. Detect citizen complaints about water quantity or quality issues.

Power supply

Power outages are noticed first by the directly affected residents, allowing you to detect and track these issues instantly.


Detect mobile telecommunication network disturbances. Discover affected regions and determine the impact of the disruption.

Detect utility failures in real-time

Disruption in the water, natural gas and electricity supply will be noticed quickly by customers. When many households are affected, contact centers will be overloaded by incoming calls, unable to deliver quality customer service. In these situations, callers move to social media to express their frustration and concerns. Social media is an ideal source of information in additional to phone call records, and helps to create an instant situational overview of the impact area and course of events.

Create your utility dashboard

In your utility dashboard you will see what issues emerge in your service region. For example, issues in water pressure, public water leaking, water quality will be detected and presented in the dashboard. You can visualize data by photos, videos, on a map, or by statistics. Our semantic technology will help you discover relevant data.