Real time insights

In your traffic management desk

Empower your traffic management with real-time insights from social media.

Instant signaling

Social media are a timely and accurate source of information for traffic centers. Road issues are quickly spread online. With smart algorithms you can do automated alerting.

Root cause analysis

In case of traffic congestion you may want to know what has caused the incident. Due to its nature and richness, social media will give you an instant situational overview.

Enhance your traffic control room

Social media are a vast information source for traffic problems. Road incidents, congestions, or parking issues. Road users report what they witness, and share it online. Photos tell more than words. You quickly discover the cause of a traffic jam. Or the impact of a road incident. Or the impact of bad weather on road conditions. You can enrich your physical sensor network with a human sensor network. This strategy has proven successful in traffic management.

Create your traffic dashboard

In your real-time traffic dashboard you have one overview of all traffic issues. You will instantly see where congestions emerge, based on GPS signals. PublicSonar takes care of the data filtering. Our experience shows that only a small percentage all traffic-related messages are operationally useful.