Real time insights

Analyze extreme weather impact

Enhance your weather observations with live data, by leveraging the eyes and ears on the ground.

Impact assessment

Extreme weather can be a trending topic on social media. Make your impact assessment by aggregating real-live footage on a map.

Predictive analysis

When you add a space and temporal dimension to your real-time impact analysis you can predict weather impact in nearby regions.

Discover photos of extreme weather

People tend to share what they see and hear. They take pictures of extreme weather conditions. Pouring, lightning, hail, fog, snow, hail or heat. Social media does not replace conventional weather models. But social media will reveal impact on the ground. It will give you location-based situational awareness. What damage did a thunderstorm cause? Will the snow stick to the ground? What is the impact of hail? Are people injured?

Create your social weather map

The social weather map gives you a geographical overview of impact of weather in your region. All extreme weather conditions are covered. Impact as well. We can easily integrate our API with your GIS mapping solution. You will see social media data as a new layer in your trusted GIS environment.