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RiskPACC Workshop
open to CPAs

26 Mar, 2024

10am – 2pm CET

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Upcoming webinars: save your spot!

Below you will find all our upcoming webinars. Sign up for free!

Applied to your field of work

During all our webinars, we will refer to real-life incidents, ranging from natural disasters, crowded events, and local incidents. We will show you how to extract insights from open data, specifically for your field of work.

How can emergency services use social media to improve situational awareness and emergency response?

Our speakers

Our webinars are hosted by our own industry experts.

Jacques Zimmerman

Jacques Zimmerman

Jacques leads PublicSonar’s business development and customer success team. Thus, supporting (inter)national police forces, emergency services and municipalities with social media intelligence tooling for public safety, emergency, and risk management. “It is only with smart real-time tooling that you can tell the signal from the noise”. Interested in how to do this? Join one of our webinars!

Sjors van den Dries

Sjors van den Dries

Sjors is the CEO of PublicSonar. “The power of open data is often underestimated, but online messages contain valuable information for emergency responders. Converting this information into actionable insights can be a challenge. During our webinars, we therefore show you how to do this efficiently.”

Peter Lloyd

Peter is a senior intelligence strategist and law enforcement adviser. As a former Police Scotland officer he spent almost his whole service in the intelligence arena. “I now operate as an independent consultant for my own consultancy company – The Online Eye. I have been collaborating with PublicSonar, introducing them to the UK Law Enforcement market and it’s specific peculiarities and idiosyncrasies.”

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