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Mobility & vital Infrastructure

Recognise risks, incidents and disruptions at an early stage with additional insights from public sources. Act with a comprehensive understanding.

vrachtwagens op snelweg langs elektriciteitsmast

Interruptions in service, failures, accidents and other disruptions are shared directly by people on social media. Usually even before they end up in the control room or at the customer service desk. It is precisely these additional early signals that offer insights before, during and after an incident that are invaluable for your operational decisions.
In addition, a constantly reliable picture of sentiment and customer perception is important to properly manage an incident and command public confidence.

slippende auto's op de weg door regen

Acting fast is key

Whether it is a power failure, fire, extreme weather or traffic congestion, acting directly and with knowledge is important and can determine the further course of an event. Often there are specific signals about the nature, scope and risks from the very first moment of an incident. Insight into the situation at the scene enables targeted action to be taken and can prevent escalation.

Public and local sources as an information goldmine

Every day, billions of new messages or videos are released on Twitter, Facebook, blogs, Youtube and data streams from various weather, traffic and alarm media. PublicSonar provides access to targeted insights from this data and thus supplements your situational awareness with observations from the affected surroundings.

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medewerkers in controlekamer

Technological innovation is vital

Only through intelligent technology can you convert vast amounts of data into early and actionable insights. PublicSonar makes the use of this technology accessible, in order to detect traffic incidents, water, gas and electricity failures and to feed your operational decisions. Our AI solution is designed to support Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), facilitate collaboration and meet compliance requirements.

Do you want to know how to identify disruptions with insights from the public?

How to use our AI solution?

Gain insights from massive amounts of data for your field of work and unique information needs.

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Urban mobility

With Smart City ambitions, the number of data sources and technologies is growing. By making connections between various observations, locations and sources, you can recognise the earliest signals of traffic and mobility disruptions in real time. With a comprehensive overview of the nature and scope, you can act in a targeted manner.

file van auto's en vrachtwagens op snelweg

Traffic management & Road safety

Various detection systems detect that something is wrong, but not always what exactly. Especially when cameras are missing. Crowdsourced insights offer additional imaging in order to deploy the right resources to restore safety and traffic fluidity.

drinkwater uit kraan

Water supply

A wet road surface, burst pipe, no/brown drinking water: situations that appear directly on social media. How do you distinguish an important signal from 'noise' if they are not addressed directly to you and people express themselves in different ways? AI-driven insights provide additional images of the interference and the impact.

elektriciteitsmast op industrieterrein


It is not only in the home or business that problems can occur, but excavation work, fires and extreme weather can also cause power failures. Crowdsourced data sometimes contain just those additional insights that make it easier to know what's going on, how the public experiences them. Valuable input to know what actions are needed.

telecommast op dak


Messages about network failures are often immediately available online. But how do you get the relevant reports out of the vast amount of data available? Especially if messages are not directly addressed to you and people express themselves in different ways. This requires a smart solution that removes noise and leaves only actionable insights. Insights that offer just that additional image of an incident to enable faster and more targeted action.

PublicSonar is a useful addition to our work! Their solution saves us time by helping us with early detection and gathering additional background information in unexpected situations.
PublicSonar is a useful addition to our work! Their solution saves us time by helping us with early detection and gathering additional background information in unexpected situations.​

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