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From data to insights assisted by AI technology

Artificial intelligence (AI) can support user exeperience to gain real time insights from huge amounts of publicly available data. You can read more about the value of AI below.
artificial intelligence

For the last decade, our organisation has been working in the field of public safety, crisis and emergency management. What are the most important lessons we learned? Crises are complex to grasp and time is of essence. Therefore, we invest in continuous technological improvement and the implementation of Artificial Intelligence.

People express themselves in many ways

Our utmost priority is to support first responders with the best information for decision making. We recognise that people can express themselves in many ways, so natural language processing supports the information search in crises. For instance, when monitoring a location you can simultaneously look for streets names, buildings, landmarks and geo-tags. PublicSonar can gather information on complex queries in an easy-to-use manner.

How do you unleash intelligence when you’re specialised in emergency response?

We recognise that open source intelligence (OSINT) can become overwhelming for crisis managers, who are often short on time. With the abundance of technology and know-how requested to work with it, specialists might become discouraged to adopt new solutions. So, how do you unleash intelligence when you’re specialised in emergency response, but have limited experience with OSINT? We developed our most recent AI innovation for this purpose! We continuously evaluate and improve our user experience. By adding intelligence in the back end and increasing user-friendliness in the front end, we continuously improve the ease of information gathering.

Information at your fingertips

Who did we have in mind? Control rooms personnel in need of urgent information at their fingertips. Do you want to monitor an incident, event or area rapidly? Then, PublicSonar assists you to quickly create a smart information overview based on the specifics of your unique situation. By connecting multiple attributes of what is going on, such as location specifics, crisis indicators, sentiment, local sources, our technology generates actionable insights. 

Our technology will support your needs and create an overview of publicly available data on your search. By doing so, you will continuously receive the most recent updates about developments. You stay informed in an easy and comprehensive manner, so you can act in the golden hour. 

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