Privacy Statement CrowdSense B.V.

Who we are?

CrowdSense B.V. is a Dutch company with its office located in The Hague. CrowdSense B.V. offers a technology, with the name PublicSonar, which allows clients to execute search queries on open (Social) Media.


This privacy statement is applicable to the website at (Website), the PublicSonar Platform (PublicSonar), and our Mobile Application (Mobile Application).

Disclosure to third parties

CrowdSense B.V. does not disclose personal data to third parties. Disclosure is only done to execute the agreement with our client or to comply with legal obligations.


CrowdSense B.V. takes protection of data seriously and takes appropriate measures to avoid abuse, loss, unauthorized access, unwanted disclosure and unauthorized modification. Data is stored as long as necessary for the purpose it was collected. If you have any questions on how we secure your data, please contact our customer service at

Privacy Statement Website

Type of personal data

CrowdSense B.V. does everything possible to protect your privacy. We comply with the Personal Data Protection Act (WbP) and the General Data Protection Regulation (AVG). When you visit our site, CrowdSense B.V. processes personal information about you (Location data, Gender, Internet browser and device type, Activity data on our website, IP Address). If a visitor chooses to fill in the contact form, we will have access to additional personal information (Name, Organization, Phone number, Email address, and other information that is actively provided).

Purpose of data processing

CrowdSense B.V. processes your personal information and behaviour on our website to improve our website. If you fill out a contact form, CrowdSense B.V. asks for personal information to assist you in the best possible way. This personal information is only used for the purpose on which you provided the information. For additional website security, IP addresses are temporarily stored, which will be automatically deleted after one month.

Website Cookies

CrowdSense B.V. uses technical, functional and analytical cookies. These cookies are necessary for the technical operation and usability of the website. You can disable cookies by setting your browser to no longer save cookies. In addition, you can also delete all information previously saved through your browser settings. For the use of analytical cookies, an editorial agreement has been closed with Google. Read more about Google Analytics.

View, edit, or delete data

You have the right to view, correct or delete your personal information. You can send a request for inspection, correction or removal to

Privacy Statement PublicSonar

Data processing on behalf of our customer

PublicSonar collects, analyses, processes and stores information from various open Social Media Platforms (Processing).

We do this by conducting the searches formulated by our customers. CrowdSense BV processes no data other than requested by our customers.

Our customers determine which data is being processed and how they use this data. Our customers take the role of “Responsible” and CrowdSense B.V. the role of “Processor” (WbP) / “Processor” (AVG) of (personal) data.

Type of (personal) data

Using PublicSonar, customers can monitor data from the connected open Social Media platforms (such as Twitter, Facebook, …) and other open sources (blogs, forums, news sites, etc.), which are not managed by CrowdSense B.V.

Clients use PublicSonar to process open data, that is accessible by anyone, only. This user generated content may contain personal information (messages, comments, pages, profiles, links to images, user name and shared locations, etc.)

We adhere to the law (WbP & AVG) and guidelines set by the (Social Media) Platforms. These guidelines can be found on the websites of the respective Platforms.

Special personal data

CrowdSense B.V. does not collect special personal data. Since our clients monitor public information through PublicSonar, potentially special personal information is already made public by the owners of this data.

Purpose of data processing

Our customers are mainly originating from the public sector. They use PublicSonar to improve their services, by detecting risks and incidents more quickly, and obtaining a better situational picture. Our customers are in the following sectors: public services, crisis management, public security and traffic management.

CrowdSense B.V. does not process personal data for any purpose other than as determined by our customers.

User data in PublicSonar

To use PublicSonar, CrowdSense B.V. stores personal information from its users, including names, e-mail addresses and phone numbers. This data is required to provide the PublicSonar functionality.

Privacy Statement Mobile Application

Type of (personal) data

Your employer should provide you with the opportunity to use the PublicSonar Mobile Application. To actually make use of the PublicSonar Mobile Application, we store personal information, such as your first name, last name and email address. This data is required to enable core functionality like user authentication and remembering user preferences.

The mobile application does not use cookies, nor does it require sensitive access to the mobile device.

By installing and using the Mobile Application, you accept the general Privacy Statement of CrowdSense B.V and the use of your personal information in accordance to the Privacy Statement CrowdSense B.V.

The Hague, July, 2017