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New logo, new era

We have stepped up our corporate branding and the PublicSonar logo is the most prominent proof of that! Below you can check out the beginning of a new era.
New PublicSonar logo

TODAY marks a new era for PublicSonar! 

If you have followed our blog since it launched in April, you must have read about our company scaling up. Our company’s first office was in the Amsterdam Red Light District. We have come a long way since we moved to the Hague Security Delta, which was our home until recently. Right before the Covid-19 pandemic, we scaled up to an even bigger office. But you can read all about this in a previous blog.

Today, we are announcing another step in our company’s growth. If you haven’t guessed it from the title – we’ve also made big moves in our corporate branding. Our new logo is the most prominent proof of that! 

Transitioning old and new logo

This is remarkable for multiple reasons.


Firstly, we’ve grown past our old logo. Not that we didn’t like it, or forgot where we were coming from. It’s because now our logo has to be used in many more contexts. Previously, you could only spot it on our website, product, business cards, and email signatures. What is common between them? A full WHITE background. However, with the broadening of our communication to multiple channels,  it became ever more difficult to place our logo. And it simply would not sit well on any colour. The new branding and logo had to perform well in any situation. The old one clearly didn’t. You can see for yourself. 

Background old vs new logo


Secondly, the new PublciSonar logo represents a significant moment in our company – growth. On one hand, we grew as a company and expanded as a team. Simultaneously, our product is growing as well. As a result, we have matured in our approach to product development. We can proudly say that we are moving past collecting data towards providing continuous intelligence and information. Actually – the best information at the point of decision making.

PublicSonar Logo

AI evolution. 

Last but not least, with growth comes evolution. The complexity of our customers and their challenges has evolved. As a result, our product has evolved as well. Not only to serve their current needs but also the future needs of our clients. We recognise that dynamic crises require dynamic solutions, multiple sources and agile information. Thus, moving forward our product focus is on Artificial Intelligence innovation to automate data processing in real time. AI is at the core of PublicSonar and our new logo represents precisely that. We’ve kept our traditional sonar element, but made it dynamic 360° to signify continuous intelligence.

AI evolution

PublicSonar logo – just the beginning

The PublicSonar logo is just the beginning of our new era. In the next few months, we’ll continue our journey. You’ll be able to spot the new logo across our social media and visuals. Also, keep an eye on our blog to read about our innovation and AI development. Or simply drop us a line at if you want to learn more.

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