Real time insights.
Informed response.

Gain access to smart insights from publicly available data during emerging risks and disruptions.

Smart algorithms

Avoid sifting through 99% of meaningless chatter. Simplify your analysis process using our sophisticated algorithms.

Location based

By aggregating location based content, we are able to identify the origin and impact area of an incident.

Knowledge repository

Imagine relying on the expertise of your brightest peers. Our semantic filtering engine has been built with their support.


Our tools are designed for teamwork. They are used in emergency dispatching centers every day, covering teams of 2-100 users.

Beautiful reports

Send out reports whenever you want. We love reports, so we designed them to be beautiful in every aspect, and easy to create.

Automated alerts

Find out instantly when events emerge. Combine our smart algorithms with automated notifications and be proactive.

Real-time Insights. Made easy.

PublicSonar is a powerful social media monitoring tool. It is designed to process billions of interactions from Twitter, Youtube and Facebook, and give you insights on what is happening. Whether you want to detect earthquakes or build an operational picture of a crisis, our tools and algorithms are designed to handle these situations easily.

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Emergency & Crisis Management



Public Utilities

Public Utilities



Public Transit

Public Transit

Empower your daily operation

Early Warning Monitor

The fastest and easiest way to discover risks and threats in your region and receive automated alerts.

Incident Monitor

Designed for analysts to get real-time insights during ad hoc incidents and for ongoing crises.