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Online monitoring of emerging risks and disruptions

Instant access to real-time social media insights for an informed response.

PublicSonar and Maltego join forces

PublicSonar will join forces with Maltego. After an intensive process to find a partner with which we can continue to grow as a platform and better serve our customers, we have found the perfect acquisition partner in Maltego.

Together with PublicSonar, Maltego can support investigators and analysts across the full spectrum of the OSINT domain with its platform in the future.

Informed decisions assisted by AI-driven insights

  During incidents and disruptive events you want to remove uncertainties rapidly. But with infinite amounts of available data, a fast and complete situational picture is a challenge. This is only possible with the use of intelligent technology. PublicSonar offers you, by using artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP), continuous access to the most important insights. Easy to adjust to your situational needs.

Detect the earliest signals

Using algorithms, you can recognise signals of incidents and emergencies at an early stage. In order to be able to act rapidly and prevent further escalation.

Understand the situation from the public

With PublicSonar you make connections between the continuous flow of messages from the public. This provides a comprehensive, unequalled awareness of locations, circumstances, sentiment and reliability.

Decide with confidence

With fast situational awareness you understand what’s going on. Act with increased confidence, follow developments closely and manage the incident.

Your challenge

Real-time situational awareness from open internet and social media.

Public safety
& security

Stay ahead of public safety threats with a real time situational overview.

Emergency planning
& response

Enhance a rapid and informed response at the earliest signal of a disruptive event.

Identify disruptions in mobility and infrastructure at an early stage.

Harnessing Social Media to Improve Emergency and Incident Response

Social media nowadays provides lots of real-time information surrounding any crisis. Join one of our on-demand of webinars and learn how AI can help you cut through the noise and improve your response.